Apparently you can’t be pro freedom (gun) without the NRA’s approval.


At the Open Future Festival Chicago, the organizers decided to make it a fair fight. So they brought in 4 folks + the moderator to debate @majtoure 😎

In Summary

  • Until recently, the status quo’s playbook paraded only white suburban types speaking to & for anti freedom groups. In the other corner, the NRA promote themselves as America’s largest 2A organization fighting for your rights. All the while, ignoring the black community of gun owners, unless it’s self-serving. Optics are changing, but it still looks like pandering and both are guilty of it.
  • The younger speakers seemed open to dialogue. Maj presented his solutions and was accused of using talking points. All the while, the counter arguments proposed by the two were in fact, talking points. You know it’s a talking point when the one making the claim cannot elaborate outside of a catch phrase.
  • Once the conversation was no longer, “lets shame the gun guy” (i.e. feelings over facts).They pivoted with injecting a strawman argument by making it about the NRA. They assumed Maj was going to take the bait, but that blew up in their face.
Courtesy of OhSkee
  • The “I’m a gun owner too, or I believe in the 2nd Amendment, but” framework was also on display. It’s disingenuous because it’s nothing, but a ploy to appear one is coming from a good place. When in reality, it’s simply manipulation 101.
  • Unlike all the other roundtables, this was the shortest. In addition, it did not include a 2nd poll to determine if minds were changed. Lastly, how honest of a debate were you going to have when it’s a ratio of 5 to 1?