The Second Amendment Rally is November 2nd. Here’s everything to know

Rob Pincus: Explains what the 2A Rally is about.


The 2A Rally will take place 12:30pm on November 2, 2019. In Washington, D.C.,


United States Capitol
First St SE
Washington, DC 20004

* The rally will be located on the west lawn.

Who is operating this?

There isn’t an official leader of the rally. However, Rob Pincus might have become the unofficial spokesmen. Pincus mentioned in one of his IG lives that there is a small committee who wanted to remain anonymous. This rally is a grassroots initiative and about the people, not the gun industry. Meaning, no NRA.

Current Announced Speakers
Kenn Blanchard (Black Man with a Gun)
Gabby Franco (competitive shooter)
Cheryl Todd (Gun Freedom Radio)
Matt Larosiere (FPC)
Maj Toure (Black Guns Matter)
Rob Pincus (2AO)
Jeff Knox (The Firearms Coalition)
Anthony Colandro (Gun For Hire)
Eric Blandford (IraqVeteran8888)
Craig DeLuz (FPC)
Dianna Muller (DC Project)
Jonathan Patton (The Gun Collective)
Michael Sodini (WTTA)
Chris Cheng (Topshot Season 4 Champion)
Joshua Prince (Firearms Industry Consulting)
Erich Pratt (GOA)
Kevin Dixie (Aiming for the Truth)
Amy Dillon (Legacy Defense)
Kerry Slone (We The Female)
Cam Edwards (Bearing Arms)
Tim Harmsen (Military Arms Channel)
Todd Fossey (IDS)
Edgar Antillon (Guns For Everyone)
Alexander RoubianRoubian (NJ2AS)
Timothy Knight (To The Republic)
Anthony Garcia (Save The Second)


This is not an “Carry event”, even if someone has a DC Concealed Carry License. You can find the applicable law here:

Also, specifically for the Capitol Grounds:

  • §16.16.10 Pursuant to 40 U.S.C. Section 5104(e)(1), firearms, dangerous weapons, explosives, or incendiary devices are prohibited on Capitol Grounds.
  • §16.16.20 At the direction of the Chief of Police, the United States Capitol Police may search packages, backpacks, and other containers in the immediate possession of individuals who enter and are within the United States Capitol Grounds for the purpose of detecting prohibited items.
  • § 12.6. SIGNS, BANNERS AND PLACARDS – Signs, banners and placards are permissible on Capitol Grounds provided the supports for these items have dull ends, do not exceed ¾ of an inch at their widest point and cannot in any way be construed as a weapon. No nails, screws or bolt-type fastening devices may be protruding from the supports.

This will be a non firearm, 2A rally!

Ordinarily, you’d see Second Amendment rallies with patrons walking around with their rifles. However, this rally isn’t about “We will not comply” anti-freedom initiatives. This rally will be about uniting the Firearms community (not industry…)

Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter.