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If you live in the U.S, then surely you would have heard of or seen something related to the “Black Guns Matter” organization. So what is it about? When did it start? Where and how do they operate? Why is the group in existence? And most importantly, what does the group stand for? We’ll discuss all of these next.

It’s no brainier that gun culture in the U.S. is not as widely accepted nor is it taught as it should be. There is a huge lack of information in the gun community. People, particularly those in urban and suburban communities are not aware of their second amendment rights.

Many see guns as threats rather than civil rights. It’s a huge problem that needs to be resolved and unfortunately, the legal authorities aren’t particularly invested in teaching proper gun culture. Many politicians and political office holders are more interested in establishing sick excuses for gun control laws aimed at restricting individuals’ access to firearms than teach responsible firearm culture.

People have no idea how to handle a gun or even how to maintain a gun. You will be surprised by the amount of gun related deaths and injuries that occur in the U.S. yearly. Many people die from simple activities like cleaning a firearm or loading and unloading a firearm. It’s not entirely their fault as there is very little to no organization or body saddled with the responsibility of teaching all of that. Even those established for that function will require some sort of payment to teach that.

More responsible gun owners will undoubtedly result in a reduced violent crime rate. Conflict resolution, de-escalation methods, proper gun maintenance, proper gun use, and gun training are all a crucial part of responsible firearm use and that’s why we have an organization like Black Guns Matter in existence. The organization does more than just advocate for second amendment rights of citizens in the U.S. They train, encourage, and teach gun users on the importance of embracing their second amendment rights and the significance of responsible gun ownership and usage all for FREE!


The organization was officially founded in 2016 by a man from North Philadelphia, Maj Toure. It’s a non-profit organization that advocates for not just the blacks’ right to keep and bear arms but also an organization that believes in and promotes the responsible ownership and possession of guns by people be it with their person or at home. The organization was founded on the premise of improving the security of the people in the United States. Toure believes every willing person that is of age should be armed as that will decrease the violent crime rate.

Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter

The organization had the initial goal to raise $25,000 dollars and to go to 13 cities in the nation to train, teach, and talk to the people there about their Second Amendment rights and responsible gun ownership. They have far surpassed that goal with over 50 cities reached and over $280,000 dollars raised and they ain’t stopping yet.


Black Guns Matter as a pro-gun organization was established to sensitize people on their Second Amendment rights and responsible firearm ownership and use through training and education. Maj Toure has openly explained that he started the group after witnessing too many people being sent to jail not because they robbed or killed anyone with their guns but for gun possession charges. In his words,just because they had the gun.”

Short video from guns.com on our time down at the 2017 NRA Convention.

While it cannot be denied that many of the organization’s activities are somewhat tailored towards the African-American communities, the organization isn’t just restricted in its actions to the black people alone. It’s an organization that is welcome to all, both black and white. It just so happens that the group of people that need this firearm training and education about their rights the most are African-Americans.

African-Americans are primarily the victims of assault, police brutality, and many of them especially those living in urban communities do not even know their full rights to gun ownership. Not to mention the procedure for getting a firearm transferred to them as legal owners which explains one reason why people are very often a victim of a jail sentence for allegedly carrying a firearm unlawfully.

The organization believes that the lack of information in many populated urban areas in the U.S. is a major problem and that one of the reasons why people are constantly arrested for possessing guns is because of inadequate information. If people knew how, there wouldn’t be so many cases of gun accidents and gun law violation.


Black guns matter has different dedicated and trained members. However, Maj tours the U.S. from state to state where he connects with local lawyers, trained personnel,  mental health experts, and medics. Together, they teach and train people who are interested in learning the rules of firearm safety as well as their second amendment rights

The organization specifically targets areas that have a high violent crime and homicide rate. Then they go there to enlighten the people around on different topics, specifically conflict resolution and de-escalation methods. Yes, you should have and own a gun but you should be responsible enough to know that gun should be used as a last resort to defend yourself and those around you.

In its inception in 2016, the group channeled most of its teachings and meetings in Philadelphia and by 2017 when the statistics were released for 2016, Philadelphia had the lowest violent crime rate in 2016 than it has had since 1979. The organization gets its funding from interested individuals that donate to the cause. They print flyers, and you might have even seen a T-shirt somewhere displaying boldly “BLACK GUNS MATTER.”

The organization rents out spaces like halls in whichever city they go and they distribute flyers and posters so people can come to learn their rights, the proper use of a gun, proper gun maintenance, and gun training all for FREE. That’s right, you pay nothing to learn. That’s amazing because elsewhere, you’d have to pay and pay well to get all that.

The organization doesn’t just stop there. The members during meetings and training sessions also talk about politics and gun policies being set-up. For the organization, a politician telling you he or she doesn’t believe in the second amendment is indirectly telling you he or she doesn’t believe you have the right to defend yourself which is a huge contradiction because the same politician is walking about with armed security and armored vehicles.


The organization is driven by its goal to educate people on their rights, teach people the basic rules of firearm safety, train people how to use a gun properly, and promote responsible gun ownership. Rather than advocate for stricter laws or working to get guns out of the picture, Black Guns Matter’s agenda is to increase the level of information and education available.

The belief and agenda are if there are more responsible gun owners out there, it would reduce the rates of crimes and homicides because no individual will try to harm or violate another person when he or she knows there is a 70% to 80% chance that person is carrying a firearm and knows how to use it. It’s a classic case of “if you want peace and in this case less violence, you have got to prepare to defend yourself.” For this cause, the organization promotes the second amendment rights of citizens and teaches them everything they need to know about owning and using a gun, not for violence but for protection.

The lack of information and education available out there is a problem Black Guns Matter is trying to curb. The organization strives to educate urban communities on everything gun-related cutting across acquisition of guns, license and permits, proper handling, care, and storage of firearms. The organization targets mainly urban communities since reforming in such areas on gun rights and responsible users will be a big step and one which will no doubt have a domino effect in other urban and suburban communities. 


The misconception people have is since it’s a black-themed organization, the members are just interested in promoting gun violence and that’s one of the thought processes the organization is trying to curtail.

Many people see guns as meaning violence and from a very early age, they teach their kids to fear guns rather than respect them. Guns shouldn’t be feared. It’s your right to own and defend yourself with one. Being afraid of a firearm means you are afraid of your right which is one reason why there is a lack of information since many of us have the mindset that, “oh it’s about guns… that’s not for me.”

Black Guns Matter isn’t telling you to go out there to buy a gun, Nah! It’s interested in teaching you about your rights to one, how to get one transferred to you, how to maintain and care for one, how to use one, and how to store one. It’s now up to you to decide if you want to get one.


If you would like to get in on the cause, you can by getting a shirt, you can reach out to me via any of the mediums provided on this website or you could even leave a comment below and I’ll respond to it as soon as possible. If you would like to donate, just go to the organization’s website or go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/black-guns-matter-tour. No amount is too small, so get in on the act and together we can promote and encourage responsible firearm possession and use.

Rell is a network engineer with over 10 years of experience in IT management and network optimization. He has a passion for firearms and previously worked with the US military in California, where he gained knowledge and experience in the gun world. Rell is a firearm instructor and range safety officer who runs a website for gun enthusiasts, where he provides information on gun culture, safety, and maintenance.

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  1. I am a white guy from pretty much a lily white town. I am so angry at what liberals have done over the years to the black community. I am a 2A supporter, veteran, conservative and trained my children to defend themselves. All I can do is send you some money in hopes we can really help black folks protect themselves legally.

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