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What to expect going to the Gun range.

Simpsons shooting range

After watching the comments on IG, I noticed many people simply want to get into using firearms. So I figured this article should be about a basic step every aspiring gun user should take into consideration. This post is about going to the range. There are diverse arguments about gun usage, ammunition and gear. In my opinion, none of these matter much. What I believe our primary focus should be is getting people to the range, so they can learn how to safely handle and use firearm. At the range, people can learn the proper gun culture which will on the long run, build a more responsible mindset in the minds of gun owners. Deciding to go to the range is cool and all, but you don’t just wake up one morning and take the first turn to your right straight down to the shooting range. There are a number of factors to consider before hitting the range. Luckily, this post will not just highlight some of those important factors but also what to expect when you hit the range for the first time.

Choosing a range: There are dozens of shooting ranges around. So, what makes the perfect shooting rage? Well, the answer to this question depends on the person. What constitutes a perfect shooting range differs for many people. If you do not have any shooter friends, just check out https://www.Yelp.com. Type “gun range” and check out the reviews. Try looking for first time shooter reviews. I would suggest indoor shooting ranges. They are really cool.

What to bring to the range: Basically, all ranges require you to bring a US ID and credit/debit card. Your card will be needed to hold a tab for rented gear and ammo. If you are a germaphobe, I suggest bringing your own eye and hearing protection. The local sporting goods store should have some. You don’t need to worry over getting a gun to the range. Most ranges have counters where you can pay and rent guns and ammo.

Deciding on a firearm: if you went through a safety course, then I would suggest you use the same firearm you used for the course. However If you did not like the gun or you want to try something new, feel free, but be sure to learn how to use it. Gun ranges have shooting instructors that can help you with this. The point is to have control of your firearm. From personal experience, when I bring new shooters to the range, I usually suggest a 9mm such as a Glock 19 or Glock 26 (depending on comfort). These guns are handy and suited for beginners. Some instructors might suggest starting off with a rifle. Despite what you think, most rifles are easier to shoot.

Try out new things. Michelle Obama once said “just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and soar.” While at the range, try out different types of guns and ammo, but be sure you are picking a gun or ammo you can afford to rent. Also, be sure to know the gun range policy pertaining to picking another gun. Ammo sold at gun ranges come in different increments depending on caliber. I usually stick with 2­5 bags or boxes of ammo. Remember, price is a huge factor. After picking your gun, ammo, and target you will be assigned a lane. Before you walk away from the counter, be sure to review all of the rules of the range. Ask your range master any question (, no matter how silly they are). Your pride can’t save you if you injure yourself.

Follow the rules. Ready to shoot? Not yet. Follow and rely on training and the rules of your range. Also, keep your gun unloaded and pointed in a safe direction until you are in your lane and in front of your target. It is advised to wait until you are in your lane before you even load the gun. You don’t want to bump into a shooter or instructor and fire your gun accidentally. With proper training you should know how to load your firearm, hang target, and then shoot.

There you have it. You should be ready to shoot. Like I said before, be sure to follow all rules instructed by your trainer and range master. I hope my brief “How-to” shows you what to expect during your first visit. We all have to start somewhere, so don’t be afraid to hit the range. Be sure to leave a comment below and check out other posts on this website. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember, there isn’t such a thing as “being too careful.” Have a nice experience at the range.

Rell is a network engineer with over 10 years of experience in IT management and network optimization. He has a passion for firearms and previously worked with the US military in California, where he gained knowledge and experience in the gun world. Rell is a firearm instructor and range safety officer who runs a website for gun enthusiasts, where he provides information on gun culture, safety, and maintenance.

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  1. It’s great that you mentioned how a firing range could let people learn the proper gun culture which would build a more responsible mindset in gun owners on the long run. I wish to buy a gun but I think I should learn how to handle one first. Firing an actual gun would be the best way to learn so I should stop by a firing range later.


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