Testing Micro Pistols

In this video, the speaker visits the ATP Gun Shop and Range to test some micro pistols for a new carry option. They initially consider the Ruger Max 9, particularly the Pro version without a manual safety. The Ruger Max 9 is a nine-millimeter micro compact pistol with a little over three inches in length, weighing over 18 ounces and just under one inch in width. The speaker found the shooting experience with the Ruger Max 9 unpleasant due to snappy recoil and the small size not accommodating their large hands.

Next, they try the Taurus gx4, which comes in different configurations. The gx4 standard version they tested is about one inch wide, has a three-inch barrel, and weighs about 18.5 ounces. The gx4 XL has a longer barrel and is slightly heavier, while the gx4 Toro is Taurus Optics ready. The gx4 impressed the speaker with its shootability and controllability, making it a potential option for them.

The Sig p365, a popular micro gun, is the next pistol they try. The standard p365 has a three-inch barrel, about one inch in width, and weighs just under 18 ounces. It comes with two 10-round magazines, while the XL version has options for two 10-round or two 12-round magazines. The speaker didn’t enjoy shooting the p365, finding it difficult to control, even with the extended magazine.

They then test the Smith and Wesson CSX, which has a three-inch barrel, is just over an inch wide, and weighs about 19.5 ounces. The CSX offers a 10-round magazine and a 12-round magazine option. It is the only hammer-fired pistol they tried, and while it felt nice in the hand, the shooting experience was not favorable to the speaker.

Lastly, they try the Springfield Hellcat, another micro pistol with a three-inch barrel, about one inch in width, and weighing around 17.9 ounces. The Hellcat comes with different magazine options, including two 11-round magazines and one 13-round magazine. The speaker was pleasantly surprised by the Hellcat, finding it easy to shoot and having a unique sight configuration that aided target acquisition and sight picture.

Overall, the speaker is still considering their options for a carry pistol and plans to continue their search before making a final decision.


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